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TM 55-1930-209-14&P-1 16-5  Towing bridle installation a. Remove towing bridle (Figure 16-2) from forward storage in void 1. (1) Activate bow crane by following procedures in Chapter 10. (2) Open void 1 towing bridle access hatch. (3) Hook bow crane cable hook into flounder plate of towing bridle in void 1 storage area CAUTION Make sure flounder plate dears sides of access hatch. (4) Make sure long dimension of flounder plate is vertical so plate will dear void 1 access hatch.  Lift flounder plate out of void 1 storage. (5) Continue lifting until towing bridle shackles are free of access hatch. (6) Lay towing bridle on deck and remove crane cable hook from flounder plate. b. Attach towing bridle shackles to barge tow padeyes. (1) Use   nut   and   bolt   to   attach   shackles   to   padeyes   on   port   and   starboard   corners   of   forward weatherdeck.  Make sure each nut is tight. (2) Secure nut with a cotter pin inserted in bolt hole.  Bend it 90o to make sure it cannot slip out. c. Reattach  bow  crane  cable  hook  to  flounder  plate.    Raise  and  hold  plate  at  working  level  while  attaching tow line, or pass flounder plate to tug to attach tow line.  Remove crane cable hook. WARNING Make  sure  installed  towing  bridle  clears  all  deck  equipment  and  anchors prior to tug taking a pull on the bridle. d. Close void 1 towing bridle access hatch. e. Place bow crane in stowed position by following procedures in Chapter 10. 16-6  Towing operations.   In towing operations, tugmaster is towmaster and has final decision and responsibility for: a. Methods of towing and lashing. b. Lighting and marking the barge. c. Number of personnel, if any, on barge during tow.  Such personnel are under control of towmaster. 16-7  Towing bridle storage.  When tow is complete and the barge is secured, store towing bridle as follows: a. Activate bow crane by following procedures in Chapter 10. b. Attach crane cable hook to flounder plate.  Use bow crane to bring plate to forward weatherdeck c. If tug personnel have not done so, remove tug towline and hardware from flounder plate. d. Remove rivet or cotter pin on each shackle nut and bolt, remove nut and bolt, and remove shackles from tow padeyes. e. Replace nut, bolt, and cotter pin/rivet in each shackle and tighten.  Always use a new cotter pin. f. Remove void 1 storage area access plate. g. Inspect towing bridle as follows: 16-3

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