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CHAPTER IV SEC I CONT ·  SEC.  II   SEC.  III Problem  - Compressor runs, but will not refrigerate. Condition - The compressor and fan motor runs with little or no refrigeration effect. Solution -  Clogged Condenser Air cooled condensers must be kept free of lint, dust, or    other    material    for    proper    operation.        A    dirty condenser restricts the air flow, thereby reducing the capacity of the cooler. Solution - Plumbing Inspect the plumbing carefully for proper connections.    Water  supply  must  be  connected  to the "Water In" connection. Solution -  Compressor With  the  compressor  running  continuously,  will  not cycle, or with no refrigeration effect, the compressor or  other  refrigeration  component  may  be  defective. The water cooler in warranty should be repaired at a factory authorized repair station. SECTION II - TROUBLE SHOOTING OF THE WATER SYSTEM The  following  is  a  list  of  possible  conditions  which  may be encountered in trouble shooting the water system. 1 -   Problem - Restricted or No Water Flow Solution A - Water Supply Valve Check  water  supply  line  valve  or  valves.    Be  sure they are fully open. Solution B - Water Pressure Check water line pressure.  It should be between 20 and  80  PSI.    If  above  80  PSI  a  pressure  regulator with a setting of 40 PSI should be installed. Solution C - Plumbing Connections Check   for   proper   plumbing   connections   to   cooler. The  "Remote"  connection  must  never  be  connected to a waste line. Solution D - Water Line Strainer Remove and clean water line strainer when installed.      Reverse   flush   the   cooling   unit,   if   line strainer  is  not  used,  by  transferring  the  water  inlet line   to   the   "Remote"   connection   and   allowing   the reverse  flow  of  water  to  emerge  from  the  "Water  In" connection.    After  flushing,  return  piping  to  original connections. Solution E - Water Regulating Valve Strainer Clean  or  replace  the  water  regulating  valve  strainer screen  located  in  the  base  of  the  valve.    The  entire assembly  must  be  removed  to  gain  access  to  this strainer. Solution F- Water Regulating Valve Adjustment Water  regulating  valves  of  the  adjustable  type  have a  replaceable  cartridge.    In  the  top  of  this  cartridge there   is   a   slotted   adjusting   screw.      Turning   the adjusting    screw    clockwise    increases    the    water stream, counter-clockwise reduces the water stream. This operation can be accomplished without removing the cartridge. Self  Adjusting  water  regulating  valves  should  follow Solutions "B" and "'D". Solution G -Freeze Up Open  "Remote"  connection,  with  water  supply  valve fully   open.      No   flow   indicates   the   cooling   unit   is frozen.    Disconnect  the  electrical  supply  from  cooler and allow the unit to remain in a warm ambient until it  thaws.    Recheck  refrigeration  system  and  related controls.   Correct any malfunction before energizing the cooler.  Check the cooling unit for any rupture or leaks.      After   draining   the   cooling   unit,   repair   any break found by soldering or replacement. 2 Problem - Continuous Water Flow Solution A - Valve Binding Check   water   regulating   valve   and   linkage   for   free operation.        Lubricate    all    binding    parts    with    a tasteless, odorless light grease. Solution B - Specific Instructions Specific  instructions  regarding  the  water  regulating valve   can   be   had   on   request.      Model,   style,   and serial   number,   found   on   Model   Plate,   should   be furnished to fulfil this request. 3 -   Problem  - Improper Drainage. Solution A -Drain Strainer Inspect  the  strainer  attached  to  cabinet  top.    Waste may collect at this point and stop. the flow. Solution B - Cooler Drain Line Remove  the  drain  strainer  from  the  cabinet  top  and probe the drain line for possible blockage. Solution C - Building Drain Remove   the   drain   connection   from   water   cooler. Observe  the  cabinet  top.    If  water  drains  with  piping removed,    the    building    drain    line    is    plugged    or improperly vented. SECTION III - ADJUSTMENT 1. CONTROLLING THERMOSTAT Most controlling thermostats are provided with an adjustment between the temperature at 470°F.  and 55F.    Turning  the  adjustment  clockwise  lowers  drinking water  temperature.    Thermostats  are  factory  adjusted  to deliver 50°F.  water temperature. 11

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